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Winners V losers

Winners are grinners picture

My recent Gallop strengths finder profile has competition at the top of  my list of strengths, I haven’t always seen myself as competitive but I have come to realise it is certainly something that drives me to do things better, be that better than I have before or better than someone else.

Daryl Conner has written a classic book on change management and I was reviewing it today and found this excellent explanation of the difference between winning and losing in projects or change initiatives.

Connor says that winners are those resilient individuals or organisations that manage change at a speed that allows them to effectively implement the human and technical aspects of transition on time and within budget. Losers are those individuals or organisations that bring change projects in significantly late or over budget or who settle for changes less substantative than those needed to remain competitive.

Winners are able to achieve the full benefits of their change efforts, losers are victims of their own change. One key difference, the tenacity winners demonstrate. Losers initiate changes because they read it on the internet and it sounded like a good idea at the time and don’t have the drive behind them to finish the job.

There is only one circumstance that drives someone to make and sustain the effort to make major changes…..they can no longer afford the status quo. Winners understand that the price of not changing is far greater than the cost of making the change and help their teams understand this.

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