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This is my BBQ upgrade. This BBQ was found, discarded, on the side of the road about 3 years ago and has been the best BBQ I have ever owned. New they are about $120 but it is somewhat satisfying to know that I have recycled something. I love fixing things and making them better.

I picked up some unwanted perforated sheet metal from a friends place, as I thought it would be a good way to enclose the BBQ and still be able to let air circulate under the BBQ. It is a flat plate BBQ, so the air can’t escape through the top, without air the burners wouldn’t work properly.

The lid I got from a friend who was throwing it away, just needed to move the handle from the top to the front and attach some hinges, works great.

BBQ front doors

New front doors

Back view

Back view

BBQ side view

Side view from pool